The Best Wireless Car Charger – Top 10 Picks!

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Everyone loves to keep their phone on a full charge, especially when going the long drives where you might not be able to charge the phone. But sometimes people forget to get their phone charged and take the road anyway. The real problem starts when they get low battery notification when they are using their phone for navigation purposes, and they just hit the road. That notification becomes a nightmare on a bright and sunny day, and people eventually have to reverse the car and get home to get their phones charged.

But, why reverse the car and suffer from all that tiredness and wastage of time when you can charge the phone in your car and go anywhere you want without worrying about the charging and timing of the destination. The wireless car chargers are not really the new things in the market but surely the game-changer for the people as they allow you to charge your phone on the go and also with the mounts you can place the phone in the most comfortable angle and can go anywhere you want with the best navigational shortcuts.

There are many brands having the capability to make excellent wireless car chargers, but only a few make the best. Moreover, this article consists of the best wireless car chargers to make your list even narrower and help you in choosing the best wireless car charger that meets your expectation and delivers high quality and exceptional results. Let’s check those wireless chargers out and find the best one for you. Remember, this list will help you to choose the best charger; in the end, you will be the one to make the ultimate and best decision on which charger to buy.

The iOttie Auto Sense: Most Flexible is the best wireless car charger in terms of flexibility and performance as well. It is one of the best car chargers that have all the excellent features that are rarely found in such an affordable wireless car charger. The features offered in this charger leave the user with absolute happiness as one gets its phone charged in less time with excellent angle adjustability.

Let me start with the most exciting and best-rated feature of the wireless car charger. The device comes with the auto-sensing feature. In simple words, the car charger opens and closes all by itself to adjust the best fit for your mobile device and to provide the best grip to the device. This also makes the charger secure as with the best hold of the device, it would not let go of your device and will hold the mobile device perfectly. The wireless car charger comes with the certification of Qi and charges the phone wirelessly.

The iOttie Auto Sense is the most flexible charger among all the wireless car chargers found in the market today. It features a telescopic arm for the best viewing angle. The arm allows you to set the angle from 4.9 inches to 8.3 inches along with the pivot of 225 degrees arc to get the best position in watching the device for navigation purposes. The wireless car charger uses a sticky suction cup to attach to the dashboard of the car.

The charger charges the android device at the speed of 10W, whereas it charges the iOS device at the speed of 7.5W. But remember, the wireless car charger supports the devices that have wireless charging. Devices that do not support wireless charging can’t be used with the wireless car charger.

This wireless car charger is another masterpiece from the iOttie. If you are looking for a charger that is affordable and delivers excellent performance with the excellent grip and attachment, then the iOttie iTap 2 Wireless magnetic mount is the ideal wireless car charger for you. However, the car charger supports a few devices that support wireless charging, including Samsung S9+, and S10, iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max.

The wireless car charger comes with the certification of Qi, and chargers the device wirelessly with excellent speed. Looking at the mobile gripping and holding the side of the charging mount, the wireless car charger holds the device with the two rare magnets providing a decent but less secure grip to the phone. An unintentional snap at the device or a strong jolt might cause the device to detach and fall off.

Also, the phone having plastic backs will not attach to the charger easily and would cause regret of buying the charger. The angle adjustment of the charging mount does not offer pretty much but enough for you to get the perfect and ideal angle for your phone. The wireless car charger does not stick or attach to the dashboard as it comes with the air vent connectivity. All you have to do is to twist and lock the mount along with the included vent clip.

In short, the car charger would not fail to impress you as long as you have the phone with metal or glass backs. Moreover, the car charger comes with the dual USB interface through which you can easily connect another device for charging at the same time.

The Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Car Charger with Air Vent Phone Holder is one of the best wireless car chargers found in the market. To attract the audience, the name of the brand is enough as Anker makes many of the best smartphone gadgets and products with excellent durability. Furthermore, the design of the charger is pretty mesmerizing and durable and provides an excellent grip on the mobile device.

The wireless car charger supports all the latest phones from Apple, Samsung, and LG flagships. The car charger charges the iPhones at the speed of 7.5W, while the android or Samsung or LG flagships are charged at the speed of 10W. The Anker charger does not include a quick 3.0 car charger, so you will have to get the charger separately from the market or online. The Qi certification allows your device to be charged at a staggering speed. The user-friendly controls and easy operation of the charger make the charger an amazing wireless car charger.

To use the charger, you don’t have to do much. Simply slide your Qi supported device from the upside and lock the device for the best security and safety. The Anker wireless car charger allows you to charge your phone with the protective cases on. But there are some conditions as the case must be less or equal to the 5mm thickness and must be of plastic, TPU, and rubber. The metal and the magnetic cases would not allow you to charge the phone and may destroy the device with overheating. All this is done by the PowerWave functionality of the charger.

There is a point to be noted, and that is the Anker car charger does not come with the charger, so you will have to buy one individually. It is just a car mount and includes two grips to attach with car vent, a micro cable of 3 ft, and some other things as well. Overall, the wireless car charger performs very quickly and fast and supports many of the iOS or Android devices for excellent charging. The charger provides a modern and perfect look to the car.

The Basenor charging dock is the best charging dock for your Tesla model 3 as the features and specifications of the wireless car charger allows you to charge dual devices at the same time and that too at the speed of 10W. This car charger is specifically designed for the tesla model 3 cars to deliver an extraordinarily stylish and modern look with the best performance as well.

This wireless car charger dock is an absolute beast; if you have a tesla model 3 and wish to charge the mobile in a stylish and modern way, then this charger is ideal for you. The design is specifically designed to suit the style and flavor of tesla model 3 and delivers a perfect factory-made look to your car. All the models of tesla 3 are supported. The wireless car charger charges all the Qi-certified or wireless charging enabled devices at the staggering speeds. Moreover, the charger comes with dual phone and USB ports.

With the dual phones and USB port, you can charge two devices at the same time at the same speed as that of the first one. The charger comes with the USB splitters that allow you to connect to the Dashcam, audio device, and much more. In short, the Basenor wireless car charger makes the long-awaited work done in few minutes by charging the devices at 10W on both sides. The device can be installed easily in the car; the LED lights keep you aware of the condition or status your charger is in but shutdown when your car shuts off.

You can either use a single side of the charger to charge your device and the other side as a phone rest option. Or you can use both sides to charge the device simultaneously. The slip-resistant design of the wireless car charger allows your phone to stay still even on the stronger jolts. In simple words, your phone does not fall off when the car goes through some rough terrains. A bottom border of the charger makes sure the safety of your phone and does not let the device fall off.

The Bolt Car Mount and Qi Fast Wireless Charger with Auto Sense Locking is one of the best wireless car chargers. The charger comes with the auto-sense locking functionality; we will talk about it in depth below. As for the design, the charger carries an attractive and durable design that ensures the safety of your phone and provides an excellent level of flexibility as well. Also, the charger charges the devices at faster speeds as compared to many of the chargers listed on this list. All the Qi-enabled devices from Apple or Samsung or any other brand are supported by the charger.

There are people who prefer speed over modernism and style, and they have come to the right place. With this charger, you can charge your device faster than you think; at maximum 15W speed, your device would be filled with battery in no time. The speed is also the highlight of this wireless car charger. Now talking about the auto-sensing feature, the charger opens and closes automatically with a single touch release. It also reserves a fair amount of power in case the cut off from the power and has the capacity to open and close for 3 to 5 times.

Bigger displays ranging from 4.6 inches to 7 inches are supported by the wireless car charger. iPhone, Samsung, and other brand’s phones having Qi certification and the ability of wireless charging with bigger displays can be charged easily with this charger. It charges the devices backed up with the fat and multiple variety cases or covers. The charger is installed in the car vent and delivers excellent charging speed.

The charger comes with the adjustable base that allows you to adjust the angle at 360 degrees so that you can enjoy using the charger to its maximum. Overall, the charger is a good choice, but if you are looking for the auto-sensing feature, you should look for the iOttie auto-sense charger, which is more flexible and performing than this wireless car charger. But in terms of speed, this charger will be the best option.

The iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 is another masterpiece from iOttie and features some of the best features and specifications. The charger charges the devices at the speed of 10W and is ideal for Google pixel devices, Apple, Samsung, and LG devices as well. All the android devices are charged at the speed of 10W, and the iPhones are charged at a speed of 7.5W.

The placement of the device on the charger is pretty quick and easy. However, in the first-time usage, you would face some difficulties in using the device because of the new one mechanism of placement. You would be amazed at the ease of use when you would get used to it.

The charger comes with an adjustable foot that allows you to rotate at a suitable and favorable angle. Or you either align the device with this adjustable foot button. The charger comes with the telescopic arm that plays a vital role in extending the arm for clearer and near visualization. It can extend from 4.9 inches to 8.3 inches and can pivot at 225 degrees. With the suction cup, the charger sticks on the dashboard for the betterment in every aspect.

The 2019 best seller wireless car charger carries outstanding features and specifications along with the ease of use and user-friendly controls. Actually, there are not very much of the controls found in the charger as all it requires is to plug in the phone and hit the road.

The charger comes with the ability to charge the devices with a cover of 3mm or less. All the Qi wireless charging enabled devices are supported by the charger. It charges the devices with the speed of up to 10W. The devices from Samsung are charged at the speed of 9W. iPhones are charged at the speed of 7.5W.

The Kenu Airframe Wireless Car Charger is installed in the car vent with the spring vent clip for the best performances. The charger attaches to the vent with the simple push, and this attachment mechanism is one of the easiest ways to of connecting the charger.

The charger comes with the 12V DC charger, along with a quick charge of 3.0.

The SCOSCHE VentMount Qi Wireless Car Charger is one of the most affordable chargers with the exceptional performance of charging the phone. The highlight feature of the charger is any extra or foreign object detection for safety and security purposes.

With the foreign object detection, the charger does not charge the device until the object is removed from the charging area. It charges all the Qi-enabled devices at a good speed in less time. It is installed in the car vent and ensures the safety of the phone with the vent clips.

The charger features a 360 rotating design that allows you to set the most suitable angle for the visualization. The phones of 3.5 inches wide can be installed easily in the charger for the best results. Overall, the charger chargers the devices at a decent speed and is one of the most affordable chargers in the market.

The Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Car Charger is the upgraded version of the Anker PowerWave. But what is the difference between them? The main difference is that the previous version is just a mount and does not include a car charger while this wireless car charger includes a fast car charger for the best performance and ease.

The charger charges the iPhones at a speed of 7.5W and the Samsung devices at the speed of 10W. All the Qi-enabled devices are supported by the charger and can be charged at the same speed claimed by the company. It comes with a dual-port quick car charger that allows you to charge two devices at the same time.

It also supports the charging over the cases of 5mm or less. If your phone is backed with the Rubber, TPU, or plastic case, there is no need to worry if it is 5mm or less. It will be charged seamlessly at a pretty decent time. Beware the metal or magnetic objects will prevent the charger from charging the device.


Of course! The car chargers are completely safe as the radiations produced by these chargers are equal to the radio waves. You can be completely worry-free and can charge the device easily. But, as a fact, the wired charging charges way faster than the wireless charging.

There is no rocket science in using the wireless car charger. All you have to do is to connect the charger to the power source and place your phone on the dock or mount and enjoy the experience in the best way possible. However, some car chargers may carry different mechanisms, as well. But, the basic using mechanisms of the wireless car charger is the same for all the chargers found in the market.

The Anker PowerWave wireless car charger with the car charger included is the best car charger for the iPhones. It chargers the iPhones at an excellent speed and also allows you to set the phone in the most suitable and favorable angle to visualize the things. There are some other chargers as well, but this charger is our best pick for the iPhones as it has all the things required for the best charging.

Cadillac XT5, Cadillac CT6, Audi Q7, Lexus NX, Toyota Prius, Chevrolet Camaro, BMW 7-series, and some others. However, if you are buying a car just because of the wireless car charging, then consider buying a wireless car charger separately and connect it with any car. This would be more efficient and effective but if you choose to buy a car, go for it.