Have you ever been out on a long journey, and your phone battery dies? It is a frustrating feeling to have your phone’s battery die unexpectedly. You can easily avoid this by ensuring that you have a car charger with you at all times.

This article will go over the top five ways to charge your phone wirelessly in the car. You can use any of these methods, whichever one best suits your needs for the day’s trips. Driving safety should always come first, but technology may make things easier for you on those other tedious journeys if needed.

Today’s mobile phones provide us with a great deal of information and entertainment when in the car, such as accessing social media and using similar applications. Wireless charging eliminates the need to plug in your device each time it is needed.

So without further ado, let us look at how you can use wireless for your mobile phone:

Wireless charging can be done in 5 ways: 

1) Wireless charging pad 

2) wireless charging battery pack 

3) wireless power bank or mobile charger

4) Wireless Fast Charging

5) Wireless charging station

1) Wireless charging pad 

Using a wireless charging pad is a new way to charge your mobile phone. A wireless charging pad looks like a regular micro USB cable but with an electromagnetic coil built into it. You can rest your phone on the charging pad, and it will begin to charge. Most charging pads are also compatible with other devices that use mobile phone standards, such as iPhones, HTC phones, and Nokia phones. All these devices require receiving chargers, unlike those of the Samsung Galaxy family, which allows receiving and sending chargers simultaneously. This is not a problem for us because we can easily buy a universal charger to cater to our needs.

2) Wireless charging battery pack 

A wireless charging battery pack is a device that contains a battery pack along with the receiver port. This allows you to listen to music, make phone calls while the device charges. Businesses often use this because they can use it while on-site for employees to charge their phones without having to worry about using up all the power of their company’s costly work accounts. An advantage of using a wireless charging battery pack is that you do not have to worry about plugging in your device while it charges.

3) Wireless power bank or mobile charger 

This type of charger is also known as the portable power bank. This type of charger consists of a battery pack that can be charged using an AC power source. Once fully charged, this portable power bank can charge your device using the receiver port. The advantage of using this charger is that it is available in handy sizes, making it possible to fit wherever you need it, whether you are at home or on the go. The disadvantage with this charging device is that it takes time to charge depending on the quality of the battery pack and the time used to charge it before use.

4) Wireless fast charging 

Fast wireless charging allows you to charge your phone up quickly by placing it onto a unique wireless charger that produces more amperage than other chargers. The advantage of this type is that it is swift and efficient. The disadvantage is that it can be a costly option.

5) Wireless charging station 

This type of charging has been available since the beginning of the mobile phone industry. This type is costly because it uses a coil to produce an electrical charge from a wireless power transmitter or receiver.

Is Wireless Charging Possible?

By definition, it’s the transfer of electricity from a power socket to your device, with no necessity for utilizing any cable. The charging procedure entails using an electricity transmitting pad and a recipient. It’s not cable-free 100 percent because the mat includes a cable going out of the socket to it. There are android mobiles as well as iPhone which is giving this technology to their customers. It could not affect smartphone battery at all. 

How Does Wireless Phone Charging Work in a Car?

The radio charging occurs based on inductive charging. The electricity is produced bypassing via an electric current using two coils to make an electromagnetic field. After getting a magnetic plate onto the cell, the gadget comes in contact with the transmitter or within the designated range. The magnetic field creates an electric current within the machine.

The physics of wireless charging tech isn’t rigid. Wireless chargers use magnetic induction to send electricity. The wireless charger consists of a transfer coil responsible for sending electrons. Your phone consists of a receiver coil responsible for receiving charges. When you place your phone on the charger, the present moves through the charger’s cable, developing a magnetic field. Afterward, the magnetic field produces a current in the coil within the phone used to control the battery. The energy is converted to (DC) DIRECT CURRENT, which then charges the in-built battery. 

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Although most wireless products are helpful in some way, certain ones are not. Wireless chargers can malfunction, especially with a long time between charges and also when the receiver device starts to discharge its power supply again, leading to damage or even death if not charged correctly or with enough time between charges.